Bug 3979 - uprm-reposync don't back system
: uprm-reposync don't back system
Product: Desktop Bugs
Classification: ROSA Desktop
Component: Main Packages
: Fresh
: All Linux
: Normal normal
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Assigned To: ROSA Linux Bugs
: ROSA Linux Bugs
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Reported: 2014-04-17 10:41 MSD by Vladimir Potapov
Modified: 2015-06-03 16:32 MSD (History)
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RPM Package: urpm-tools
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Description Vladimir Potapov 2014-04-17 10:41:05 MSD
The execute fail without errors, back to previous state don't work.

Версии следующих пакетов будут понижены:
 Имя пакета             Текущая версия  Новая версия Архитектура
(источник  main updates)
 draklive-install                1.44-4           1.44-3          noarch    
 kio-mtp                         0-0.20131020.2   0-0.20131020.1  x86_64    
 lib64gudev1.0_0                 208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 lib64systemd-daemon0            208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 lib64systemd-id1280             208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 lib64systemd-journal0           208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 lib64systemd-login0             208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 lib64udev1                      208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 subversion                      1.8.5-3          1.7.13-2        x86_64    
 subversion-server               1.8.5-3          1.7.13-2        x86_64    
 systemd                         208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 systemd-sysvinit                208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 systemd-units                   208-31           208-30          x86_64    
 udev                            208-31           208-30          x86_64    
(источник  main)
 easytag                         2.1.10-1         2.1.8-0.20120618.2 x86_64    

Дополнительные пакеты будут установлены:
 Имя пакета             Версия    Архитектура
 lib64svn0                       1.7.13-2        x86_64    

Пакетов будет скачано и установлено: 16.
Пакетов будет удалено: 0.
Данных будет скачано: 24.64M.
Хотите продолжить? (д/н): д
Скачивание файлов...
[1/16] lib64systemd-daemon0-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[2/16] draklive-install-1.44-3-rosa2012.1.noarch.rpm 
[3/16] kio-mtp-0-0.20131020.1-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[4/16] lib64systemd-login0-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[5/16] lib64udev1-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[6/16] lib64systemd-journal0-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[7/16] systemd-units-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[8/16] udev-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[9/16] lib64systemd-id1280-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[10/16] systemd-sysvinit-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[11/16] systemd-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[12/16] easytag-2.1.8-0.20120618.2-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[13/16] lib64gudev1.0_0-208-30-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[14/16] subversion-server-1.7.13-2-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[15/16] subversion-1.7.13-2-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
[16/16] lib64svn0-1.7.13-2-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 
Создание транзакции...
Проверка зависимостей...
Ошибок не найдено
warning: LOOP:
warning: removing systemd-units-208-30.x86_64 "Requires: /lib/systemd" from tsort relations.
warning: removing systemd-208-30.x86_64 "Requires: /etc/systemd" from tsort relations.
warning: LOOP:
warning: removing systemd-208-31.x86_64 "Requires: /lib/systemd" from tsort relations.
warning: removing systemd-units-208-31.x86_64 "Requires: /etc/systemd" from tsort relations.
warning: LOOP:
warning: removing systemd-208-30.x86_64 "Requires: udev = 208-30" from tsort relations.
warning: removing udev-208-30.x86_64 "Requires: systemd = 208-30" from tsort relations.
warning: LOOP:
warning: removing systemd-208-31.x86_64 "Requires: systemd = 208-31" from tsort relations.
warning: removing udev-208-31.x86_64 "Requires: udev = 208-31" from tsort relations.
warning: LOOP:
warning: removing subversion-server-1.8.5-3.x86_64 "Requires: /etc/pam.d" from tsort relations.
warning: not removing systemd-208-31.x86_64 "Requires(post): systemd" from tsort relations.
Запуск транзакции...
Comment 1 FirstLevel 2014-06-03 11:09:33 MSD
Please could You describe this problem more informatively.
Comment 2 Denis Silakov 2014-06-03 11:12:13 MSD
Vladimir means that urpm-reposync prints the output quoted in the description of this bug but then just doesn't do anything.
Comment 3 Denis Silakov 2014-06-19 17:30:49 MSD
In some cases a possible workaround is to add '-r' option to reposync to force it remove all packages that are absent in repositories. By default, it tries to leave packages that don't conflict with downgraded ones.