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Bugs in ROSA Desktop.Fresh/Enterprise releases and components.
  Default Assignee Default QA Contact
-Enter Bugs Here- Desktop Triage Team Desktop Triage Team
Found a bug? Enter it here! All bugs in ROSA Desktop/Marathon themselves, and in the software packaged into them go here. Selected by default.
Contributed Packages ROSA Linux Bugs ROSA Linux Bugs
Packages in the contrib/ repository, not supported by ROSA.
Design Design Team Group Group of QA Team
Design Issues. Icons/themes/artwork, etc.
GNOME edition Arkady L. Shane ROSA Linux Bugs
GNOME-edition specific bugs. If you've installed GNOME edition, and are in doubt if your bug is specific to it, file it under this component.
Hardware Groups for solving hardware issues. Eugene Shatokhin
Troubles with hardware — Video cars, keyboards, WiFi, etc
Localization JDronova ROSA Linux Bugs
Localization bugs in all packages
LXDE Edition Denis Silakov ROSA Linux Bugs
Bugs in LXDE-specific components. This edition is community-maintained, and is NOT supported by ROSA.
Main Packages ROSA Linux Bugs ROSA Linux Bugs
Packages in Main repository, supported by ROSA
Package Requests ROSA Linux Bugs ROSA Linux Bugs
Use this component if you would like to request a new package in ROSA Desktop.