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Desktop Apps ROSA-specific Desktop Applications: klook, TimeFrame, other KDE modifications,
WebSites‑Internal Внутренний продукт по поддержке вебсистем компании «ROSA»
Mirror Requests A place to file your proposals to create a ROSA mirror.
Server Bugs Bugs in ROSA Enterprise Server releases and components.
UX‑Team Internal Bug reports for UX team.
Design Team Задачи и проблемы, связанные с дизайном — иконки, графика, артворк и т.п.
ScreenPen ScreenPen - ScreenDrawing utility
Desktop Bugs Bugs in ROSA Desktop.Fresh/Enterprise releases and components.
ROSA Enterprise Desktop Bugs, feature requests, and issues for ROSA Enterprise Desktop
Localization‑Team Внутренний продукт для фиксирования задач и багов по локализации.
Desktop Internal Internal product for fast bugreporting while testing images
SoftwareCenter SoftwareCenter
AutoQA‑Team AutoQA-Team
ROSA Desktop Fresh Gnome Gnome version of ROSA Desktop
CobaltDesktop «Cobalt» Desktop
Desktop Features Request features for next ROSA Desktop.Fresh releases, and track those staged for a particular release.